The kitchen is the heart of the home. For those looking for a change, consider the latest kitchen design trends for 2020. Doing so could pay back over 50% by the time it’s time to sell your home. There have been a lot of changes to kitchen trends in recent years. Some of these are micro-trends just starting to gain momentum and others are in full bloom, making an appearance in several home improvement projects.

Companies like Cuzine make it their job to stay on top of the latest design trends and have them ready and available before you even know of them. Stone, wood, technology and surprise colors are just a few of the hottest luxury kitchen design trends for 2020 that you will not be able to live without.

1. A New Era For Stone 

Stone countertops have been part of luxury kitchen design trends for years. In 2020, this trend is getting flipped on its side, though –literally. Stone slabs are being used as backsplashes, full islands and even accessory desks for the kitchen workspace. Monochromatic stone kitchens with appliances to match the gold in the stone are hot too.

The Fereth kitchen design offered by Cuzine features heavy stone backsplashes and accents for a warm and inviting ambiance. 

Luxury and stone have gone together for years and 2020 is no different. Using stone in any and all aspects of your kitchen design is totally trend-worthy this year. Don’t stop at the counters! Use a stone sink, stone island and stone backsplash to really top off the luxury in your kitchen.

2. Innovations in Technology: Smart Kitchens

By far one of the biggest kitchen design trends in luxury is technology. Appliances are smarter than ever before. These home innovations include small appliances, large appliances and even the cabinets themselves. Refrigerators are top in the innovation category with connections to the internet, televisions, and custom temperature ranges throughout.

Cuzine’s smart kitchen designs harness the power of technology to create innovative solutions to everyday problems. Explore their smart kitchens to see what all the fuss is about. 

Business Insider lists some of these hot and innovative luxury kitchen design trends for 2020 include:

  • Cube mini-refrigerators for specialty items
  • Chiller devices that cool your drinks instantly
  • Automatic garbage cans
  • Water monitoring devices for your kitchen sink to help conserve water
  • Smart refrigerators

It is time to rethink what your appliances can do for you in the kitchen and explore the latest luxurious smart kitchen options. There are numerous smart appliances offered by companies and most now have apps for your phone. You can monitor the temperature of your refrigerator while you’re sitting at your desk at work!

3. Is Wood in Style Again?

Luxury kitchen designs are using wood in unique and exciting ways. Cuzine has luxury cabinets with modern wood doors and refrigerators that are any homeowner’s dream.

The Yeni Klasik design by Cuzine is a picture of elegance with wood cabinets paired with gold finishings.

This modern luxurious trend isn’t like your parent’s kitchen. These woods are top-of-the-line. The finishes are sleek and smooth. Your kitchen will strike the balance between modernity and luxury with this new trend.

4. A Dash of Color Hits the Spot

If you want to make a color truly stand out you can do that by simply making it the only color in the room. Monochromatic kitchens with one brightly colored area or appliance are a hit this year. Some of the most popular splashes of color are:

  • Brightly colored refrigerators
  • Splashes of a single color around the kitchen
  • A single wall painted with an accent color
  • Pops of color with a colored stove

This country kitchen design by Cuzine aims to accommodate your needs with a portable island and a splash of colored pattern to draw the eye.  

This color trend is one of the most enjoyable of the year. You really can’t go wrong. It’s time to break out your creative side with this luxury kitchen design trend for 2020.

5. Ditching the Handles in 2020

Luxury kitchen design trends for 2020 are hot with the lack of one thing. Handles! Handles are disappearing from many designs. These sleek, powerful and modern designs are popping up in a variety of styles including:

  • Matte Black Cabinets
  • Technology-driven cabinets that open when you get near
  • Retro Cabinets with glass fronts
  • Refrigerators

The Gazella kitchen design by Cuzine is a sleek and minimalistic approach to luxury. It strikes the balance between simplicity and functionality.

6. Functional Uniqueness

In 2020 there’s no room for useless cabinet space. Instead, luxury kitchens are incorporating more functionality into their design. A computer desk in the corner, shelves under the island, custom spice racks, modern floating designs, spacious sitting areas and charging outlets along the walls are just a few ideas to make your new kitchen functional.

The Eliza kitchen design by Cuzine offers ample shelving and unique opportunities for decor. 

Work with your design team to combine what you do most in the kitchen with accessible designs you will use. You can even put a yoga drawer in the corner to hold all your yoga supplies if that’s where you grab them before heading out for the day!

7. Stainless Steel is Out, So What’s In?

For years we have relished the stainless steel appliances and sinks in the kitchen. This trend was sleek and modern and surely a very popular one. In 2020, the stainless steel appliances are out though. Luxury kitchen designs in 2020 are filled with these stainless steel replacements:

  •  Gold: Sinks are the big hit for this year. Go even bigger with refrigerators or keep it minimal with gold handles and stovetops.
  • Colored appliances: Red, blue, black, and even painted patterns.
  • Copper and other metals for handles

Pair your gold touches with pure white and watch the magic happen. Take the Whitelake kitchen design by Cuzine as a prime example. 

The sky is the limit with these new luxury kitchen design trends for 2020. Homeowners are no longer relegated to the old, boring designs of the past. Color, woods, metals, technology and uniqueness are hot this year.

When starting your design process it’s important to reach out to a professional to help expand your ideas. Cuzine is here to help you design the luxury kitchen of your dreams. Contact us today to get started on your new kitchen design.